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Think about the year that has passed. All the memories, the entries and posts that made the year special. Think about all your past layouts, default icons, mood themes. How about all those conversations you had via comments, or the huge post in ONTD that you spent all night commenting on. The 2009 Scrapbook Post is a way to help you remember all of that, in a single post.

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Default Icons;

Photobucket Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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12/30-01/09|Wonderfalls{Jaye}| starsburn
01/09-02/01|Smallville{Clark}| soda_pop01
02/01-2/16|Supernatural{Whistle}| clubinthesky
02/16-03/07|The Fall/Are you trying to save my soul| open_alibi
03/07-03/26|Zac Efron| underworld
03/26-4/11|Hi| colorbox
04/11-5/03|Smallville{Clark/Apocalypse}| soda_pop01
05/03-05/15|Eagles of Death Metal Poster| jude_judith82
05/15-06/07|Kings of Leon| jude_judith82
06/07-06/19|Pretty In Pink| thespian_muse
06/19-08/10|Eastern Promises/Viggo| nolongertwo
08/10-09/16|Wonderfalls/Jaye| starsburn
09/16-10/24|Supernatural/Dean| heartoutofstone
10/24-12/03|Marie Antoinette| roonzil
12/03-current|Charlie Brown Christmas| nolongertwo



PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket



01/18/-02/16|sevenstates|sidebar banner by me
03/15-03/25|minty_peach|header by me
03/25-3/29|estiloamor|header by me
03/29-4/12|milou_veronica|header by me
04/12-05/03|minty_peach|header by me
05/03-05/08|mentahelada|sidebar banner by me
11/15-current|milkyair|sidebar banner by nolongertwo

Profile Layouts;


Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

01/08-01/26|Inspired by nolongertwo coding by me|banner by onlyhoperemains @templarcavalier
01/26-02/04|Banner and coding by me
02/04-2/16|ken_zou_kun|banner by me
05/15-06/19|sevendaylimit|Gif by ?
06/19-07/29|sevendaylimit|Banner by animotus
07/29-09/13|sevendaylimit|Gif by deny1984
09/13-10/24|sevendaylimit|Gif by deny1984
10/24-11/12|sevendaylimit|Gif by ?
11/12-current|sevendaylimit|Banner by nolongertwo


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

12/30-01/09|Supernatural{Sam and Dean|animotus
01/31-02/23|Supernatural{Family Business}|animotus
02/23-03/15|Kings of Leon|thespian_muse
03/15-05/01|Jensen Ackles|speakfree
05/01-5/20|Shaun of the Dead|takethewords
05/20-07/29|Kings of Leon|onlysugarcoated
07/29-09/16|Ashes to Ashes|takethewords

Icon Posts;

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01/30|Andy Warhol,Stock
08/11|James Dean,Gregory Peck, Monty, Merlin, Stock
10/07|Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural

Memorable Entries/Picspams;

12/31|wickedgrdn @ fadedfl0wers|picspam; supernatural; 1x12 faith|I'm cheating but I didn't but I didn't see it until the 1st. This is one my favorite episodes of Supernatural.
01/01|brittania|Battlestar Galactica the Entire Series so far Picspam|Awesome picspam including every season so far and the mini-series.
01/03|dark_guardian01 @ no_devotion|Picspam:Supernatural S1:Faith|Another picspam featuring one of my fave eppys of Supernatural
01/05|eatwe |Dean Winchester Through the Seasons|A picspam featuring Dean Winchester Esq.Oh Dean *sigh*
01/06|nolongertwo |Effy picspam|Elessar's favorite character on Skins and one of the best characters on that show period.
01/06|tasbian |Smallville: Ten times the cast "fixed" the script!|About the awesomeness that is the SV cast don't let anyone tell you different.
01/14|isilweth |Geoff Johns' Legion for Smallville Fen |Great entry on Geoff Johns' recent writing of the Legion.
01/15|glassbomb |"Come with me if you want to live."|T:SCC Pilot picspam. I really need to get back to this show it was so good.
01/15|schmiss |Team of Awesome|The Obama Administration is sexy.
01/24|dark_guardian01 |Picspam: Supernatural S4: Dean Winchester Ep.'s 1-10|Dean so far...
01/31|arie_turner |leaving ain't quite the same, he said to me, as running away.|One of the many favorite character picspams @ picspammy. Great choices.
02/06|megaminerva |Clark Kent [Season 8] Picspam|Sexiness.
02/07|_midnight_sky |Marie Antoinette Picspam|This is such an underrated film.
02/13|annemaris |see me through |A "Pandora" picspam. I'm loving the last two episode of this season. So good.
02/18|xmaidelx @ sinequaicon|My Top Ten Favorite BSG Characters: #09 - Doc "The 'S' Is For 'Smokey'" Cottle |Doc Cottle is the man. He tells it how it is and doesn't care who knows it but has a great heart.
02/18|cheekanzoop @ sinequaicon|Helo Picspam Part One! |Everybody's BFF
02/10|wickedgrdn @ fadedfl0wers|017; picspam; supernatural 4x14|Picspam of the last eppy before the hiatus. Can't wait for the rest of the season.
02/21|puntoyapartee @ exit_icons|picspam: skins 3x05|Surprisingly good episode.
02/21|waldorfs @ heartnation|Cher Horowitz picspam|Clueless is such a great movie.
02/23|tariel22|Smallville: 10 Reasons I Love Clark Kent |It's all right there in the title.
02/24|tariel22|Smallville: Ten Times Clark Was Super Without Being Super At All |So much love for Clark.
02/25|xmaidelx @ sinequaicon|My Top Ten Favorite BSG Characters: #07 - Gaius "Leader of the Twinkly Lights" Baltar |Another great picspam of one of the best characters on BSG.
02/27|xmaidelx @ sinequaicon|My Top Ten Favorite BSG Characters: #06 - Lee "Apollo, My Real Name Is Leland" Adama|Lee!!!
03/01|cent|Skins Picspam |Old School Skins.Good Times
03/05|animotus|Supernatural:Monster Movie Piscpam |I loved this episode so much.
03/17|goddesspharo|picspam: I'm Too Sexy For A Plot (Five Reasons To Watch The Covenant) |Hello Riggins! and Nate from Gossip Girl. Dude I have to watch this now.
03/22|animotus|Supernatural:On the Head of a Pin Picspam |Still sobbing
03/28|sunshineclouds @ heartheskies|12 Reasons To Love In My Time of Dying Picspam|The season two opener is even more amazing in retrospect.
03/30|wowsugarpuss_|6 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Ashamed to Love High School Musical 3|Yes I love this movie.
04/04|sunshineclouds @ heartheskies|Zeppelin Rules! A Series of References on Supernatural Picspam|Led Zep and SPN two of my favorite things!
04/05|wickedgrdn @ fadedfl0wers|#016 / picspam, supernatural 2x20|Picspam of Dean seeing his mom alive.
04/07|wickedgrdn @ fadedfl0wers|##017 / picspam, supernatural 3x16|Dean's speech to Sam before he dies. So sad.
04/05|round @ heldbywire|03. dean/castiel 4x16 picspam|Dean and Castiel scenes. Awesome.
04/05|nolongertwo |Dear Frankie "Want to go for a race?"|A Dear Frankie picspam. This is a great scene in the movie where you really see the relationship growing.
04/05|x_prettieststar |Picspam - Brenda/Dylan's first kiss|Kicking it Old School.
04/17|vega_ofthe_lyre |Ashes to Ashes:Alex Wakes Up In 1981 |This show is so great one of my new faves.
04/18|seaouryou |picspam: Clark's Shirtless Make Out Scenes |Umm shirtless Clark do you have to ask? ;-)
04/20|littlekari |Picspam:Jaye and Eric kiss.|I love Jaye and Eric.
04/21|killtheuniverse |Picspam: Wonderfalls - The "supervising" scene.|Love this show and this scene is one of my faves. Tyron y'all
04/25|janine83 |picspam: smallville - 8.19 stiletto |Surprisingly enjoyable episode.
04/26|bellanut |SPN 4x19 Jump the Shark|Great picspam of the episode with callbacks to older eppys.
04/28|animotus |4x19 - Jump the Shark Picspam|So pretty. She has such great vibrant coloring.
04/28|bellanut |Ask the Artist - Bellanut|Recced by animotus. Great tips and suggestions for picspams.
04/29|animotus |Supernatural 4x19 - Jump the Shark!|What another one?! In black in white this time.
05/08|nolongertwo |I'm on call|Elessar posts about the Kings of Leon concert we went to. HELL YEAH!
05/20|animotus |Lucifer Rising Picspam|Another gorgeous picspam.
06/24|darthphere |Captain America #600 Pic Spam|Awesome picspam from an awesome issue.
06/20|fade_out |Vertigo vs Pushing Daisies|Pushing Daisies and Hitchcock. I'm in heaven.
06/24|darthphere |Captain America #600 Pic Spam|Awesome picspam from an awesome issue.
06/30|animotus |What?!?! |A Supernatural Faces picspam. The boys are so expressive.
07/06|darthphere |Captain America: Reborn #1 Pic Spam|Hello. He's back.
07/14|nolongertwo |The New World Opening Credits Pic Spam|Beautiful movie and great opening credits.
07/20|nolongertwo |Nine Inch Nails: The Perfect Drug Pic Spam|Not my favorite band but my favorite music video.
07/21|nolongertwo |Dead Like Me-Opening Credits Pic Spam|Great Show Great credits
07/24|nolongertwo |Muse-The Making of Sing for Absolution|Stunning picspam.
07/26|spidey |Supernatural @ Comic-Con 2009 pics!|Misha and Jim Beaver at Comic-Con! Yay!
07/28|omg_stunning |tom welling at comic con|The ONTD hooking me up with the Welling!
07/29|mediocrechick |How's My Har? A RPattz Picspam.|Hilarious.
08/05|nolongertwo |Bright Star: Trailer Pic Spam|I can't wait for this movie.
08/12|dramaa_princess |Faith Picspam|I will never not enjoy a picspam of that eppy.
08/14|nolongertwo |Firefly: War Stories-The Crew Meets the Councilor|Such a good episode and this scene had the line that will always live in infamy. "I'll be in my bunk."
08/31|nolongertwo |Terminator 2: Reese and Sarah's Deleted Scene|Such a beautiful scene.
09/04|lovingthecubs |Firefly 1x01 | A picspam great scene and quote choice.
09/04|animotus |My Name Is John Winchester | Another gorgeous picspam.
09/05|hugmybrain |cedric really was fierce, dumbledore.|A Harry Potter Picspam. This is absolutely stunning the colors and the texture use. Each cap looks like a painting.
09/06|letsey_x |A Rainbow of Fandoms Picspam|This picspam is so amazing. All the different fandoms and the way the colors blend is so wonderful. Just gorgeous.
09/06|hugmybrain |It was your heart.|Another amazing Harry Potter Picspam. This quote was used in the picspam wich pretty much sums up the spam itself. "It was unbearable, he would not think about it, he could not stand it... there was a terrible hollow inside him he did not want to feel or examine, a dark hole where Sirius had been, where Sirius had vanished; he did not want to have to be alone with that great, silent space, he could not stand it -"
09/06|alisea_dream |Watchmen Picspam|The scene placement is amazing.
09/07|camiyak |Supernatural Season 4 Picspam|Gorgeous cloring and great scene choice.
09/07|megaminerva |The Assorted Colors of Smallville Picspam|When Smallville was gorgeous. Thought it still has its moments.
09/09|totallybalanced |Inglourious Basterds You Might Know Him Better By His Nickname|The Epicness of Donny Donowitz.
09/11|sunshineclouds |supernatural s5; title card picspam|I'm in love with the new Opening Credits.
09/18|loudlunacy |Glee:Acafellas Picspam|I love this show and the Acafellas were amazing.
10/06|animotus |Supernatural - 5.04 The End - Part 1 and |Supernatural - 5.04 The End - Part 2|Stunning picspam as always. What a powerful episode.
10/09|nolongertwo |Sons of Anarchy-Obsession of the Moment Picspam|So much love for this show. Gorgeous picspam.
10/09|animotus |Supernatural - 5.05 - Fallen Idols |Another beautiful picspam.
10/15|doihearawaltz |Mad Men Season Two:Picspam |Season Two was amazing and this picspam is as well.
11/05|sterre |Supernatural Phatom Traveler Picspam | The first complete episode I ever saw. It hooked me in and I've never stopped watching.
11/04|phaust |The Cover Art of James Jean Picspam | He is one of my favorite artists. His style is all his own.
11/08|nattfoedd |Je t'aime - A picspam about love | This is so pretty and romantic.
11/18|animotus |Supernatrual Dead in the Water:Picspam | Another gorgeous picspam.
11/22|ritabites |Picspam: Bright Star trailer. | I really want to see this film. It looks so gorgeous.

Memorable Personal

01/04|Picspam:Smallville Pilot
02/14|Valentine's Day Music Mix
02/17|Little Sister Essay and Music Share
04/08|Supernatural:2x08 Crossroads Blues Picspam
04/11|Smallville:4x05 RunPicspam
05/02|Picspam:Kings of Leon
07/15|Supernatural/Johnny Cash Fanmix
07/15|Picspam;The Strokes:Reptilia
08/06|Picspam:Wonderfalls;Muffin Buffalo
08/10|Picspam:Wonderfalls;Aaron Figures It Out
08/14|Post on madmen_tv that turned into a Pete Love-fest. Woot!
08/20|Picspam:Supernatural;Mystery Spot
09/06|Picspam:Life in Gray;Annie in Being Human
09/11|Picspam:Supernatural;Sympathy For The Devil
09/20|Picspam:Supernatural;Good God, Y'all
09/21|Fanmix:Supernatural;New Dawn Fades
09/21|Picspam:Films of My Youth
10/27|Picspam:I'm Not There
11/04|Picspam:Sons of Anarchy:The Revelator
11/24|Picspam:The Young Victoria
12/20|Picspam:Best of 2009

01/13|lostcointoss |Fanmix 05 - Don Draper, Mad Men - Anachronism|Awesome Don Draper Mix with icons and great essay.
01/13|ldyghst |Fanmix - Dean's Guilty Pleasures Playlist |Lots of music you know Dean would secretly like.
01/29|obeyshi |Towards No End We Learn to Die |A Supernatural Fanmix
02/28|casettes @ lasirius|Icon Post 27 - Supernatural Fanmix and Icons|I didn't actually snag any of the songs but I had to add because the artwork attached is stunning and I don't even ship Castiel/Dean yo.
03/18|meivocis @ infectedframe|Suicide Note: A Jamie Madrox Fanmix|Great mix with really great artwork and Jamie represent.
03/28|fantazmegorik|Skins Fanmix|I downloaded the party time which includes some amazing remixes.
04/04|emily_reich|Fanmix #1: Apocalypse Please (Supernatural Season Four)|Dean.Castiel.Apocalypse.
04/04|imagines|fourteen | one man army; an eclectic dean winchester mix. |Another SPN Fanmix all about Dean.
04/04|aesc|.music: The apocalypse for beginners|Dean.Castiel.Apocalypse.Again.
04/27|envies|the chill bites before it comes. (supernatural)|An SPN Fanmix in the demon's,vamps,et.al that the boys hunt down P.O.V. Pretty cool.
05/08|imagines|fanmix meme)|An SPN mix of all Our Lady Peace jams.
05/22|envies|fanmix meme)|Great mini-fanmixes from many different fandoms.
06/04|aesc|.music: Blues for the end days (Winchesters, Castiel, Ruby)What every girl needs more Blues music.

Favorite Songs;

01|Paper Planes|M.I.A.
02|Godzilla|Blue Oyster Cult
03|Ain't Wastin' Time No More|The Allman Brothers
04|Life in the Fast Lane|Eagles
05|Speaking in Tongues|Eagles of Death Metal
06|Long Way From Home|Foreigner
07|Rock N Me|Steve Miller Band
08|You Know I'm No Good|Amy Winehouse
09|2+2=?|Bog Seger
10|Milk Cow Blues|Elvis Presley
11|Prince Charming|Adam & The Ants
12|Lovebug|Jonas Brothers
13|Without You|Badfinger
14|The Next Episode|Dr.Dre feat. Snoop Dogg
15|Love Hurts|Roy Orbison
16|Sister Ray|The Velvet Underground
18|Beautiful Disaster|311
19|Crazy Circles|Bad Company
20|Gimme Back My Bullets|Lynyrd Skynyrd
21|Simple Man|Lynyrd Skynyrd
22|A Change is Gonna Come|The Band
23|I Shall Be Released|The Band
24|Push It|Glee Cast
25|Don't Stop Believin'|Glee Cast

What I'm reading;

01|Maps and Legends|Michael Chabon
02|The Mysteries of Pittsburg|Michael Chabon
03|Justice Vol.2|Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, & Doug Braithwaite
04|Justice Vol.3|Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, & Doug Braithwaite
05|Love Is A Mix Tape|Rob Sheffield
06|Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist|Rachel Cohn & David Levithan
07|Speak|Laurie Halse Anderson
08|Stay With Me|Garrett Freymann Wer
09|Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone|J.K. Rowling

What I'm watching;

01|Wristcutters:A Love Story|New
02|The Darjeeling Limited|New
03|Loving Leah|New
04|The Fall|New
05|Bee Movie|New
06|Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2|New
08|Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist|New
09|Camp Rock|New
10|The Last Mistress|New
12|17 Again|New
13|Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen|New
14|Harry Potter:Half Blood Prince|New
15|Inglourious Basterds|New
16|Pineapple Express|New
17|Love Happens|New
19|Step Up 2|New
20|Where The Wild Things Are|New
22|The Young Victoria|New

04|Friday Night Lights
05|Battlestar Galactica
06|Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles
07|Law & Order UK
08|United States of Tara
13|Being Human
15|Legend of the Seeker
16|Sons of Anarchy

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